If we have a nuclear energy policy, we better plan ahead or it’s going to be lights out

Whether you are for or against nuclear generating stations, it is clear that we need a policy that improves the United State’s ability to meet energy needs and does not continue to harm the environment.  All sources of energy have some risk and limitations.  World-wide, nuclear has a good track record despite some accidents, so let’s assume that nuclear is one viable  alternative.

Hey, what does it take to get your attention?

What does it take to get a new nuclear station up and running?  Here is a hint.

Public Service Enterprise Group has spent the last two and half years preparing an Early Site Permit which is approximately 4,000 pages.  The proposed site already contains three nuclear generating units and the new plant would be built next to one of the existing plants. The application’s safety review considers a number of site factors including seismology, hydrology, population distribution and emergency preparedness. The environmental review evaluates the impacts of construction and operation of a nuclear power plant at the proposed site. 

Hey, I’m no expert or close to it but wouldn’t you think that the existence of three plants would provide a good indication that these requirements have been met to a great extent? The site is currently the second largest nuclear facility in the United States.  According to the Nuclear Energy Institute, a new nuclear plant could generate up to 4,000 jobs during construction and anywhere from 400 to 700 permanent jobs when operational, talk about stimulating the economy.

The NRC is expected to take three years to review the ESP application.

So, we take five and half years to get to the point to determine if a site (already used for nuclear generating stations) is a fit site for a nuclear generating station.  Hey, I am all for careful review as this is serious stuff and there is no room for error, but at the rate we are going the world will be back to reading by firelight around the campfire before we get our act together.  With the way the US and world population is growing there will be little land left to cover with windmills and solar panels, we better figure this stuff out sooner rather than later.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=nuclear+stations&iid=6332564″ src=”5/d/0/8/Thousands_Protest_Nuclear_d44d.jpg?adImageId=13032447&imageId=6332564″ width=”380″ height=”570″ /]

Protesting is easy, solutions not so much

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