Money for what? Who needs libraries?

While towns struggle with budgets, the federal government stimulates away. Funny (or not), we close our libraries for lack of funds, but there is plenty of money to redo already existing corner sidewalk ramps. I suppose there are few union workers in libraries, and perhaps stimulating our children is not all that important, they do have television after all.

No ill will intended, but I have yet to see a wheelchair go down one of those ramped crosswalks. It happens no doubt and is much appreciated I suspect, but where are our priorities, why aren’t the existing ramps sufficient for now?

The library lobby must have a small PAC.


  1. The Public Library is a tremendous resource from which people of any socio-economic class can provide themselves with a very goog education in almost any area of learning (obviously leaving out subjects which require a laboratory). I got my first public library card in San Diego at age 10. When I wasn’t doing chores or playing ball that is where you would find me because it was within walking distance, though bicycle was much easier. And since libraries kept up with the times and installed computers with basic programs and internet services they are invaluable to the community. They level the playing field.


  2. Oh, God, do I agree with THIS one! I’ve had a library card since I was – well, before I got a Soc Sec I had a library card. Outside of school, libraries are where I first learned WHAT knowledge was worth acquiring and how to vet it. Always wanted to be where the information was, and the librarian has always been my favorite public servant. It pains me to see how they’ve been gutted, especially in minority communities where household internet access is the exception, not the rule. Yet, somehow, here in NY state, the Governor has found the money to keep the RACETRACKS open, while they continue to reduce the operating hours of the public libraries. I get it; the revenue from the ponies is needed to balance the budget (lets not even TALK ABOUT how THAT happened!), and the libraries don’t turn a profit. Except for the CHILDREN. You are absolutely correct; our priorities are WAY screwed.


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