Immigration reform, are you kidding?


Al Sharpton is off to Arizona to protest a state “illegal” immigrant law.  Do we have a problem with illegal immigrants from Poland, or Italy or even India? As we hear more about immigration reform, I only hear the words Hispanic and Latino.  How can that be?

The fact is that we are not talking about immigration reform at all, we are talking about keeping undesirable Mexicans out of the United States.  Let’s not jump to conclusions, this country depends on unskilled people who work hard and happen to be from Mexico.  They do a lot of work most of us would not want to do or unable to do, so why do we have such a problem defining the problem for what it is? 

North of our border is a well developed country that started about the time the United States was born, a country most Americans would have little trouble making home.  Do we have trouble with illegal immigrants from Canada?   South of our border is a country that is in chaos, steeped in poverty and apparently a place many Mexicans would like to leave for a better life.  Shouldn’t it be obvious that the problem is not immigration reform, but Mexican immigration reform and that solving this problem takes two countries, not one?

So, do we need immigration reform or a better plan to make the country on our southern boarder more like the one on the northern boarder?

If there ever was a potential for unintended consequences, it is in characterizing dealing with the southern US boarder under the mantel of “immigration reform.”


  1. I have no problem with immigrants as long as they are legal and come to this country to become Americans. I have no quarel with Mexicans either under the same circumstances. After all in the final analysis, we are all immigrants.

    My problem is people and politicians talking about immigration reform when in reality we are talking about a specific issue and problem with one country on one boarder and people are more concerned about being politically correct rather than honestly addressing the issue.


  2. Hey Cuz, not sure by reading your input whether you are for or against illegals. Personally If they want to be part of the American life,and get benefits that we Americans get. BECOME LEGAL. I have no problem with them coming here and doing work but make it legal. Otherwise take a hike back to Mexico or another country they came from. Here in Florida my lawn service are Mexicans and do a fine job but they are here legally.


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