Generous Americans know no bounds with their giving


There are a number of generous Americans even beyond the wealthy.

These  folks help people by cars under cash for clunkers, they help other people buy a new home or upgrade, they are giving $250 to many seniors, they gave me $1500 to put in central air conditioning. It appears their generosity knows no bounds.

Now Congress is working on a new program, six billion dollars for cash for caulkers. This program will pay up to half the project costs for new windows, insulation, upgrade a furnace, and similar things. The House Energy Committee has cleared the bill, now it’s on its way to the senate.

My share of this bill is what?


Of course, the same old rationale is used, stimulate the economy and make us green. So, if there is a good cause, you can automatically afford it?  On one hand we are going to stimulate the economy and on the other we are going to raise taxes to the extent we dull the economy and quell the American spirit; too dramatic…let’s hope.

I fear green may be the color of the next generation when the bill comes due and the United States is a second tier country on the world scene. Make no mistake about it, this generosity is a big mistake and the symptom of an ever bigger concern.

Oh, you want to know what that concern is? Well, the more you become dependent on someone the more control he has over you. I’m making you an offer you can’t refuse. Make sure you vote for me and I will keep the goodies coming. No questions asked.

Yeah, no questions asked.

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