$250 for seniors, now you see it now you don’t. Is anyone serious about managing the Federal deficit?

Last year the President (irresponsibly) proposed providing each Social Security recipient with $250 because the formula under Social Security did not provide for an increase in Social Security benefits as a result of very low inflation.  This unnecessary spending was rejected by Congress, or so we thought.

Now we see that as part of the health care reform package that seniors are being given a $250 credit toward the cost of their prescription drugs in 2010 as part of the process to phase out the donut hole in the Part D benefit.

Hey, $250 spent is $250 spent is it not?   Perhaps not in the world of Washington accounting.  It is amazing that we hear of the benefits of health care reform in lowering the deficit and yet the legislation is filled is nice to do, but affordable goodies especially for the more important voting blocks.  Forget wellness, I think we need to promote integrity.


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