Health care on the verge, the weekend of March 21

Sadly, what should have been one of the most carefully considered debates in the history of the Country has turned out to be little more than meeting the demands of a screaming two year old.

Health care reform is critical to the United States, meeting the ideological needs of a relatively few is not. Controlling costs is essentially, blaming insurance premiums is nonsense.

Assuring every American has access to an efficient health care system is paramount, making that system efficient is the road to success.

Within the next several hours 216 people are likely to change the health care face of America forever. They are not doing so with the best interests of Americans in mind nor are they considering the economic interests of the Country. They are marching to political orders and in many cases have no idea exactly what they are voting for.

As with all entitlements good or bad once in place they stay forever. This one with it’s budget and deficit game playing will haunt the Country for decades.

Americans will be dissappointed with the results, costs will continue to rise uncontrolled and fifty years from now pundits will be saying, “what were they thinking?”

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