A sense of the situation

As I sit here on a Saturday drinking my coffee in Paneras bakery I am reading the Wall Street Journal ( and I will also read the NYT) and looking at a picture of Nancy Pelosi. That’s not hard to do these days as health care reform grabs the headlines.

The more I read and listen about this issue, including e-mails from the White House, the more I get the sense that this is no longer about truly reforming much of anything, but rather a big political game aimed at winning and little else matters.

No intelligent person who has studied this issue can believe that this legislation is health CARE reform or that it will lower costs for anyone including the Federal government.

Just as certain is the fact that true reform of the system and its inefficiencies is needed, but in the quest to achieve political supremacy we are overlooking that goal despite the rhetoric that overwhelms us.

This legislation will pass and in the following four years Americans will forget about it ( except when they pay more), costs will continue to rise and when the changes kick in four years from now we will be back in the debate.

Sadly, there are people out there who believe we are solving problems. They will be disappointed.

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