Government in action, since you paid is it a tax?


This is an excerpt from an article by Cary O’Reilly in Washington (

On Bloomberg News

The utilities were obligated by Congress in 1982 to collect spent nuclear fuel on site while a permanent storage facility they would help fund was built at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. The companies paid more than $27 billion into the fund over the years, though the storage facility was never built. President Barack Obama last year decided that nuclear waste can never be stored at Yucca Mountain, rejecting the $58 billion project after 20 years of planning.

As a result, the utilities sued the government to get their money back…and are still waiting.  There are  more than 50,000 tons of nuclear waste now held at 122 temporary sites in 39 states, even as utilities seek to build more reactors in the U.S.

But now…amazingly after twenty years it has been discovered that nuclear energy fits into creating jobs and helping the from the Financial Times

Obama backs nuclear-power push with $8.3bn in loans

By Anna Fifield in Washington

Published: February 17 2010 02:00 | Last updated: February 17 2010 02:00

President Barack Obama said that $8bn in loan guarantees for the first US nuclear power plant to be built in three decades was “only the beginning” yesterday, as he redoubled efforts to promote nuclear power.

Portraying nuclear energy as vital to cutting US carbon emissions at the same time as creating jobs, the president appealed for cross-party support for building more reactors, part of his administration’s efforts to pass climate- change legislation.

“On an issue that affects our economy, our security and the future of our planet, we can’t continue to be mired in the same old stale debates between left and right, between environmentalists and entrepreneurs,” Mr Obama said at a job training centre in Maryland yesterday.

“See, our competitors are racing to create jobs and command growing energy industries. And nuclear energy is no exception,” he said, pointing to investments in Japan, France, China and South Korea.

Unless these new plants don’t create any, it would appear that we still have a NIMBY problem for the nuclear waste, but hey, every day is election day in Washington.  Oh wait, perhaps Iran can figure out what to do with it.  Nuclear energy is vital that’s true, we can’t be mired in stale debates (I bet we can), but apparently we can ignore solving one of the major problems facing nuclear energy. Remember, you paid for the 20  wasted years of inaction

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Their waste is a problem too, but there is bipartisan agreement that pork tastes oh so good

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