Does America spend too much on health care? A different point of view


Consider this from the Healthcare Leaderhsip Council

WHO Rating Obscures U.S. Healthcare Excellence

An honest assessment of America’s healthcare performance shows that we lead all nations on the things that count. The World Health Organization’s subjecting weighting system overlooks the factors that spotlight U.S. healthcare innovation and excellence.

New Hampshire surgeon Mark Constantian took a more meaningful, honest look recently in the Wall Street Journal. The WHO actually does rank the United States first in the world in “responsiveness to the needs and choices of the individual patient.” Dr. Constantian asks, “Isn’t responsiveness what healthcare is all about?”

 The WHO criticizes America for spending the largest share of GDP on healthcare of any country.  

Dr. Constantian asks, “What better way could there be to dedicate our national resources than toward the health and productivity of our citizens?”


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