Another chance at change, do two changes make a no change?

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Hold on there a minute, we are changing direction, no wait, we are making an adjustment, oh no we are going back to the fundamentals, err, we have reassessed our priorities…

It appears change really is hard, especially in Washington.  Those cynics among us, me included, never had much confidence in this change idea and we were often amazed that so many of the American people thought that anything in Washington politics would change simply because they elected a charismatic politician to the highest office in the land.  I saved the entire content of the Obama campaign website to see how well he did, but I have given up on that idea as I already know the answer.

Now we start the second year of this presidency and head off in another direction seeking change, or more accurately at this point perhaps seeking survival.  I would settle for some real bipartisan accomplishment, some transparency and a president that stops his rhetoric of blame and populist pandering that serves only to further divide American.  We are, after all,  in this together. 

Let’s lift people up to their full potential rather than tear down those who have achieved theirs.


  1. Enjoy your site;keep up the good work.

    Question? Why doesn’t my secondary insurance(Blue Cross)pay for any of my medical expenses? IT seems the only coverage I have is Medicare. I thought we had such a good plan from PE&G.



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