President to spend more time in the field

According to an article in the NYT the White House is going to send the President out into the country “considerably” more in 2010 than during his first years in office.

How is that possible? Seems to me he already is spending more time on the road than is desirable. Those who voted for change should be saying, get back to your desk and get to work and stop running for office. While you are there try sitting more in the center of the desk.

Apparently his advisors fear he failed to connect with voters. Could it be he and a growing number of voters are running on different tracks making any connection unlikely? Not surprisingly, it’s all about votes rather than doing the right thing for the Country, but that certainly isn’t anything new, Obama is just is better at making it sound good than most politicians.

The real question is just how gullable Americans are when it comes to lapping up the rhetoric again.

For Republicans the issue is how to not be positioned as the party of no and how to avoid the pitfalls of arrogance as as result of recent victories. I’m betting they blow it.

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