My first days in retirement

Having helped people plan for retirement for more years than I care to recall, I thought I had it down pat. However, my first few days have not gone as I envisioned.

My heating system was not working so we had it repaired, the result was that now the back half of the second floor has no heat, one bedroom is 57 degrees. We are waiting in chilly bliss for the second repair effort.

I haven’t had a shower in a while, the dishes are piling up and I won’t go into more detail except to say the sewer lines are clogged and we are still waiting for the drain company. I expect to take the dog out to poop, but I thought the days of the outhouse were long gone.

Given my daughter and her family ( which includes a giant black lab) are living with us temporarily these challenges are magnified.

This morning my daughter hurt her back and can barely move so Ma and Pa are taking care of the one and three year old grandchildren. That’s no chore mind you, but what is a challenge is figuring out how to configure the internal workings of a sippy cup. I’m an expert at the wrong approach resulting in a large puddle of milk on the kitchen floor, and a wet “puppy” ( that’s a four inch stuffed animal that is of paramount importance when taking a nap).

The drain guy is here, the dog is barking, my coffee is cold and I want a shower really bad. Did I mention the dog has been sick and threw up here and there?

I’ve been told you are always busy in retirement Today I will take my daughter to the chiropractor, the dog to day care ( yes I said dog), pay the plumber and the drain guy (neither of which are on my retirement planning spreadsheet), master the art of sippy cup construction….and take a shower.

But first I am going to enjoy my cup of coffee as I listen to the whirring hum of the device that is cleaning my sewer pipes.

Tomorrow I will throw out the carpet ruined when the sewer backed up and spilled over the utility sink ( guess I better do that today).

Attending a staff meeting is looking pretty good about now.


  1. Wow! I have been retired now for 4 years and never had this type of excitement. Most that I have had happen is my golf cart batteries were not charge. LOL. Come on down early, we have heat at the house (in Florida), water for showers, hot coffee, no grand babies with sippy cups, no dogs, etc, etc, but it is 29 deg’s and expecting “SLEET” Saturday (yes sleet). Right now not sure why we moved to Florida. Hope it is warmer when you arrive here in two weeks.


  2. ok so you’ve had a busy day? and…….

    let me know when the book is published I want an autograph!

    my condolences to Connie on your retirement.


  3. Wait ’til you file your income taxes, have your home re-evaluated, get the new oil/gas bill and watch your electric bill climb.

    Oh yes, wait until you have to pay the increased credit card fees to pay “Joe-the-Plumber” while he has to spread the wealth. You aint seen ‘notin’ yet!

    Solution – Move… to Ohio, West VA, or KY… We still have out-houses in some areas and lower taxes and our government leaders keep looking for those goverment hand-outs (pork). Have you seen the highways in these mid-western states?



  4. Welcome to the world of a stay at home Mum. Try doing all of the upbove for 18 years!
    Your writings remind me of Erma Bombeck. She was the only one to keep me sane and laughing cleaning up “artwork” on the walls and the forever lament of “I just wanted to see how it worked!”
    Thanks for the laugh this morning.


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