Repeal, Repeal you say


The legislation has not been signed into law, and yet to be finalized and some Republicans are talking about repealing the Democratic crafted health care “reform” legislation.

I have one word for that, fageddaboutit.

Surely you jest, you guys can't even follow your own laws

Despite all the protest and kill grandma nonsense (I hope, speaking as a seasoned citizen), what politician of any persuasion is going to support repeal of any legislation that appears to be a large dose of apple pie and motherhood, in this case taking the form of providing subsidized health insurance to millions of Americans.  Nobody wants to hear about the costs or long-term implications. Republicans should have thought about doing something positive a year ago and presented their ideas continuously side by side with the Democrats.

It’s too late baby, just like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid this legislation will be ingrained in the American culture with endless modification to satisfy ongoing demands for more.

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