Optional confusion, confusing options or perhaps no option

Public option, no public option, sort of a public option, a public option the states can opt out of, a public option if this or that happens. A public option that is called something else. Are we having fun yet…just wait.

I have a public plan and I don’t even have an option to take it or not. While I can choose among some alternative designs, I can’t opt out (and still have coverage) and people in Congress and the federal bureauocracy can take away my choices at any time, determine my benefits and what I pay.

In fact, I have been paying for that option since 1965 and so have you. Because part of my pension is not from a qualified trust I even had the priviledge of writing a check for $16,000 to cover my Medicare tax for the rest of my expected life even though I am retired.

There must ber a better way to do this
There must ber a better way to do this

So now Congress wants to lower the government’s cost for my public option so it can start another public option one paid for with premiums even though my public option is paid for with payroll taxes and premiums and is going broke. And many in Congress want a STRONG public option meaning the payments are based on my public option’s payments which are set by Congress irrelevant to the cost of services. How does that work again?

Does the UAW represent workers in insurance companies? What jobs are we saving or creating this time?

I know, we need a $4,500 credit for anyone who buys an efficient health insurance plan before December 31. Ah nuts, that plan will never meet the new minimum benefits package standards.

How long will it take to reform the reforms?


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