How will employers react to health care reform?

According to a new survey from Towers Perrin, employers are not prepared to absorb additional costs that may result from health care reform.  That of course is no surprise as (contrary to political rhetoric) costs for large employer self-insured plans have been rising just as fast as insured premiums.  Hey, it’s not the insurance companies this time?

Where's the cash?
Where's the cash?

Cutting back benefits is on the employer strategy list and guess what that means, higher out of pocket costs for workers.  The idea that somehow we can have  reform that amounts to little more than a giant shell game (or perhaps Ponzi scheme) of moving costs around without addressing the underlying causes is laughable. 

Well it would be if it were not so serious and so expensive to learn this lesson.

The idea that what what is being done will make health care affordable is absurd.

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