Pelosi shows they really don’t get it

If you have any doubt what health care reform is about or that our politicians have no idea what the problem is or how to solve it, consider the following quote:

“It is absolutely clear that it is an unsustainable situation as we go forward, and it is well known to the public that the health-insurance companies are the problem,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday.

This attitude even if it is a show to lash out at the insurance industry’s recent attack on health care reform makes it very clear that any hope of actually managing health care costs or improving the quality of health care is an illusion.  The main objective of House and Senate Democrats is to expand coverage and to do so by adding to the Medicaid rolls and by ever growing subsidies to other lower income Americans.  That may be a noble goal, but it is one that will get us into bigger trouble down the road if not coupled with true reform of the health care delivery system along with American attitudes toward receiving and paying for health care (that is not happening now). 

What will happen to these subsidies as the cost of the underlying health care provided continues to grow at double or more the rate of inflation?  Just look to Medicare for the answer. 

Health insurance companies are not the problem any more than property and casualty insurance companies are the problem causing high premiums in hurricane prone parts of the country.

Harry, Nancy, Chuck, Charlie, Robert, Max please pay attention
Harry, Nancy, Chuck, Charlie, Robert, Max please pay attention

While the House and Senate are debating this massive legislation, the Senate will also begin debate on separate legislation to block Medicare from reducing payments to doctors.  The payment process was approved by Congress ten years ago.  If the change is approved and payments are not lowered, the cost over ten years is $247 billion.  The Senate Finance Committee version of health care reform assumes $404 billion in cuts to Medicare over the same ten year period.

Does a liberal education mean there are no math classes?


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