Not for nuttin, what’s new?


While one can question the timing for the perception it creates, the insurance industry finally laid out some facts on what health care reform will mean to those of us with health insurance.  Not for nuttin, but I have been saying the same thing for a few months now.  I can’t verify their numbers and neither can anyone else ten years into the future, but the concept is sound.  Simply put, the pending legislation will not lower health care costs and will raise them for those with insurance. 

Com'on, your out of pocket costs are lower aren't they?
Com'on, your out of pocket costs are lower aren't they?

Responding to the report, the White House said it is inaccurate because it fails to consider that tax credits and limits on out of pocket costs will lower costs. 

Heellooooooo, tax credits have nothing to do with the cost of health insurance and if you lower out of pocket costs, you raise premiums.  The failure of politicians to understand how health care and health insurance (or any insurance) works should tell you something about how this legislation will control health care costs. 

The fundamental problem we have is that politicians speak politician and the rest of us even after 250 years don’t get it.  It’s like being in France.  When a politician talks about saving money they are talking about the federal budget, they are not talking about the average American who funds the budget.  Also, whenever the politicians do lower one element of the budget (in the case Medicare), the find a way to spend the savings somewhere else (in this case expanded Medicaid and tax credits) and thus there is not only no gain for the budget, there is typically an additional deficit.

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