Damn the experts, full speed ahead!


Some of us non-experts, naysayers, pundits, spoilers and the like according to your political position, have been saying from the start that there is nothing in health care reform, health insurance reform or whatever it is called this day that will actually lower costs or manage them in the years ahead.  Even those items that have a chance such as studies to evaluate the care being provided are several years in the future and then apply to the Medicare population with years more before desirable changes can be filtered to the balance of the population. 

Now, additional experts noted in the New York Times seem to agree with the assessment that little is happening to actually change the health care deliver system.

I see a lot of green in your future
I see a lot of green in your future

Couple this position with the questionable assumptions relied on by the CBO and in a few years we will really have a health care crisis in America.  If what we have is unsustainable, how will be what we get be any better if the main thrust for the next ten years is to expand coverage, and make health insurance more expensive in the process?

The real shame is that there are many true experts out there who do know what needs to be done and how to do it, but the problem is that what needs to be done is not politically correct and too many oxes will be gored so we are left with smoke and mirrors and dealing with problems another time.

Of course, there are some cynics who see this as a grand strategy, screw up the system even more than it is, wait for failure and Americans will rush to a government system with their only worry the payroll tax to fund it.



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