Nobel Prize for Effort


There is a new model out there for our students to follow, you get rewarded for effort and not results.  And by the way it doesn’t hurt if you are a good public speaker.  President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” 

After only nine months in office and “effort” and “inspiration” and “attempting” and “vision” this prize puts him in the same category as Mother Teresa.   

Try putting that kind of pay for performance program in at your place of business and see what happens. Faced with the daunting prospect of dealing with a Nobel Laureate I suspect Iran will abandon its nuclear ambitions and the Taliban will lay down their arms within the week.

As one presidential historian put it, “This seems like a premature canonization.”   

On the other hand, he was elected President based on the same skills so why would we expect the rest of the world to be less under the influence. 

I feel bad for the other winners who spent a good part of their lives in discovery and accomplishment and created something that benefits society, how do they feel now that the Prize has been diminished in stature? 

I think we need to look at this pay practice, it seems like we need to tie it more to long term results, you know it’s outrageous that these executives get paid such high salaries regardless of what they actually accomplish for the shareholders, Mr. Geithner will you look into that.

 I expect to be next years Pulitzer winner, hey I’m giving it my best.

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