Over the top with bad ideas

Now we are heading into the valley of crazy. The latest idea in health care reform is to effectively place the public option in the hands of the 50 states each to run it’s own plan or in combination with others. Just what we need, more fragmentation in the hands of hundred of politicians across the country. This when one of the problems with our current system is the various insurance commissions and the hundreds of mandates from states that increase costs.

Then to take it one step further there is also the idea of opening state run employee health benefit plans to the general public. You heard right, let the pubic enroll in the health benefits for state workers.

I am a commissioner for a state health benefits plan and let me tell you, THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. In fact, it is about the worst idea to come down the pike since health care reform was a distant concept.

The inmates have gained control of the asylum.

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