Obama should speak

Unless he is going to tell them in no uncertain terms that big government and high taxes and a government appointed CEO for the Fortune 500 are good for America, I cannot understand the flap over the Presidents talking to school students. There is little so far that I have found to agree with from this Congress or administration. However, it should be painfully clear even to the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity that many students in this country need a role model (even a liberal one who certainly knows how to be an achiever) and need to hear a message about the value of education and individual responsibility. There is no question they are not getting the message at home or in too many cases there is not a family structure to deliver the message.

The recent townhall meetings regardless of your position, made it clear that all too many people are uninformed boobs who cannot take the time to learn what they are talking about before shooting off their mouths. One has to wonder about the message on education and personal responsibility delivered in these homes.

Obama has far too much to say on just about everyting. He nerds to act more like a Predident than a cheerleader, but in this case , it can’t hoit as they say.




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