Covering all Bases

Well, there we have it I just received my e-mail from the President via Organizing for America and the outline of his health care reform proposal is complete. It now includes words to touch on every issued raised by every supporter and critic. We have a public option, elimination of the Medicare donut hole, malpractice reform, changing the delivery system, free unlimited coverage for every affordable risk like flu shots and it is all paid for without adding to the deficit.

Can there be any doubt that the purpose of all this is simply to find a way to make everyone happy and quell any criticism? How can we be opposed, all of our concerns are addressed? There is something for everyone from doctors to seniors, insured and uninsured and it’s all paid for (by somebody).

In reality there is little new and any hope of a rational, measured approach to this is pretty much gone. The appearance of listening to the critics in a few areas simply means the Demoncrats have a stronger perception they can do it alone.

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