Reining in health care costs now, really


The frustration in all this health care reform is that they are people who understand the problem, the real problem and yet they are largely ignored.  Many of these people are physicians or other health care professionals who see firsthand the real issues of costs and what is driving them.  Here is a good example of that How to Rein in Medical Costs Right Now.  Regardless of what you hear from the politicians, the problem is not the insurance companies and not even the uninsured, it is simply the way we practice medicine in America and the underlying belief that more is better or that every test and procedure adds value equal to or beyond its cost.  In addition, from the patient perspective we hear little about the risks and potential harm caused by many of these procedures. 

You might also want to read the writing of Ezekial Emanuel, Md, PhD, White House advsor on health care reform.

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