Plug It in Plug It In


I rushed out of the house the other day and when I went to use my cell phone the battery was dead, I forgot to plug it in.

My coffee this morning was non-existent, I put the grounds in the pot, added the water, turned it on…but it was not plugged in.

My Kindle died in the middle of an exciting editorial in the New York Times (ok, I am kidding about that part), I forget to plug it in the night before.

I have a plugging it in problem, I admit it.

My grandfather drove Thomas Edison's first electric car from Maine to New Jersey and that's the truth
My grandfather drove Thomas Edison's first electric car from Maine to New Jersey and that's the truth

Now I am thinking to myself, what if I had to plug in something really important LIKE MY CAR.  Oh my, those of us with plugging it in problems really will have a problem, especially when you need an eight-hour lead-time.  It is a good thing I am retired or I could see me standing in front of the boss.  “Sorry I’m six hours late, I didn’t get a full charge last night.”  And, just imagine if the power goes out for a few hours in the evening, do you think they will put one of those cranking starting things in the front of the car?

By the time I get home this milk will be cocttage cheese
By the time I get home this milk will be cocttage cheese

I can just hear it now, “Dear will you run to the store for some milk?”  What’s my excuse for not going, I forgot to plug in the Volt?  She will never buy that; I will actually be running to the store it seems.

Look I can handle my iPhone ®, Blackberry ®, my Kindle®.  I’m a hip seasoned citizen, but plugging in my car, real men are not meant to plug in cars.  I am curious about one thing, we hear it takes several hours to recharge an electric car and we hear one of the problems with expanding the use of electric cars is the shortage of “filling stations.”  So, what I want to know is if my car needs to stop at one of these new plug in stations to recharge will it now take me 16 hours to drive to Cape Cod instead of the normal 5?  What am I going to do while I wait for my car to charge on the road?

There is one bright spot in all this, the Howard Johnson restaurant business model will be back in vogue because people will have plenty of time to dine and sample twenty –eight flavors while they wait for their car to charge.  Let us just hope they don’t put those plug in stations at the mall.

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  1. Increased use of electric vehicles is surely just another passing fad. It is another example of shifting the problem from one source to another.

    Think about it:

    The cost of setting up an infrastructure to develop and recycle batteries – either made of lead or some other environmental hazard material. The amount of fuel needed to develop and ship those batteries.

    The weight of those batteries would adversly add to the inertia of the vehicle in the event of an accident.

    Power companies would see an uptick in their load as well as a levelized load on their capacity requiring more fuel for generation of that power and the cost to build and maintain additional transmission/distribution lines.

    Owners of these small vehicles will soon find themselves cramming the vehicles when they travel on vacation and therefore limit the number of passengers they would be able to carry. The family may have to take two vehicles to carry the 5 or 6 family members.

    There are other fuel sources yet to be developed from vegetation that would not involve our food supply.

    I travel a lot and have large more energy efficient vehicles today than I had 10 years ago. I could not feel safe in those lead ladened matchbox cars!

    I thank the oil and automotive industries who are looking for more efficient fuels and modes of transportation. They tackled the trucking and the train industries to make them more efficient.

    We need to look at the efficiency of lawn grooming equipment and that does not mean putting batteries on them.


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