When “change” jingles


Idealism is a fine thing, but when it comes to politics it can be outright dangerous. I read this quote in the Wall Street Journal today. It is from an Obama supporter: ” I thought he was going to unite us as a country. When I heard, ” there’s not a white America , there’s not a black America, there are the United States of America.”. The woman continued,” but when they start talking specifics, well, now you’ve got some problems.” She objects to what she calls Mr Obama’s big-government, big spending policies, notes the paper.

Oh, this is what he meant by "change"
Oh, this is what he meant by "change"

Don’t you wonder how many other Americans voted for change not realizing that is what will be left in their wallet when this is over?

What this woman and others forgot is that there may be one America but it still contains politicians and their powertrip personalities.

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