North of the border health care


If your views are way left of center you are likely a fan of a single payer government health care system and certainly that is the best way to cover everyone, but is it the best and most efficient way to deliver health care?  Again, some Americans would say yes indeed and point to Medicare or to Canada as good examples.  I have written several times in these pages about the reality of Medicare, but never about Canada.  I am not able to verify the authenticity of the interview to which I have linked, but it clearly provides food for thought.

One thing is very clear, at least to me, and that is a government run system will out of necessity have to ration care in some manner and in the process will create a two tired system worse than we now have because those who can afford it will purchase supplemental coverage and those who can’t will remain mired in a bureaucracy just as occurs in all government programs.  You see, a federal program will have to control costs, today Medicare does that simply by paying less, but one must ask how will that work is there is no private alternative to bail out those federal strategies. I think the answer to that is found in part within this interview  

Views on the Canadian Healthcare System from an insider




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