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What do we teach our children?


I was in a children’s museum with my granddaughter the other day and I spotted a book about American holidays.  At first glance, it looked like something I would like to share with her.  However, as I scanned the book I was stopped in my tracks when I got to the page on Memorial Day.  I have heard of political correctness and even revisionist history, but this one smacked me right in the face.  Here is what the page said.


NIce people and noble Americans, but...

NIce people and noble Americans, but...

In fact, Memorial Day began during the Civil War when women left decorations on confederate graves; it was officially recognized in 1868 and gradually spread among the states.  The purpose of Memorial Day is to honor those who gave their lives in the service of the country.  In other words, fallen soldiers.

I understand the message may have to be tempered for small children, but this seems a bit much.  None of the above individuals in this picture meets the Memorial Day criterion.


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