The Theory of Similarity

Sometimes I think about things that have no special relevance to anything, just random thoughts that seep into my mind when I am doing something of equal irrelevance.

Today is one of those days and I have consequently developed a most relevant theory.  I will call it the theory of similarity.  My theory is quite simple, some things are so similar there is no differentiation and if that is the case, they must all come from the same source.

Not sure what it is, but for sure you have seen it before
Not sure what it is, but for sure you have seen it before

The prime example is Chinese food.  You walk into a Chinese takeout and there are pictures over the counter.  It matters not if you are in San Francisco, New York or Milwaukee, the pictures are the same, the food is the same and hence there is no Chinese restaurant in the world that cooks its own food.  My theory prevails because there must be a giant Chinese kitchen somewhere in America that prepares all Chinese food and ships it to every restaurant in the US. 

Not convinced, here is another example, clam chowder.  Living part time on Cape Cod I see myself as somewhat of an expert, but clam chowder is made in one giant kitchen and shipped in large plastic bags to every restaurant claiming to have the best chowda in the country.

Now given that I have proved with my theory you would also think that Dunkin Donuts are similarly made in one place.  I know that is not true because no blasted shop has the same size donuts or bagels for that matter.

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