The Big Shuffle


The closer we get to the House and Senate passing health care “reform” the faster the deals are made. The AMA made a deal as have pharma and the hospitals. Next will be maneuvering budget items from one place to another. Is not cutting Medicare payments to doctors part of health reform or just adding to unfunded Medicare? Can we tweak our assumptions so savings are larger? Are savings for the federal government, a savings for Americans in general?  Revenue portions of the legislation are effective immediately while benefits are delayed several years, thus the claim of no additional cost in tens years may be true, but without regard to the future costs.

Stand by, change is on the way and we will not know the true unintended consequences for years to come.

It is a real shame that the process of reform is little more than political expediency. There is a heavy price to pay and NOBODY knows what it is.

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