Tell me again about global warming


A few years back, I was at my house on Cape Cod, it was the July 4 weekend and when I got into my car, the outside temperature was 101 degrees. I headed for the nearest store and bought the last three air conditioners.  The house was reasonable comfortable, noisy but cooler.

In the years before that incident, it was typical on Cape Cod to need a sweatshirt walking around at night and to sleep with a blanket…with no air conditioning.  In fact, it was unusual to find a motel with air conditioning.

It appears that global warming was having an impact.  I just hope that the impact is not so severe before I am gone that the melting ice cap also results in the Cape being under water.

But wait, it is now July 2009 and I have central air conditioning, but I am not using it.  Why, you ask with chagrin?  Well, because it is so darn cold you can’t sit on the beach

July was never like this
July was never like this

comfortably, the daytime highs this July are barely in the 70s and tomorrow night is predicted to be an all time low of 58 degrees.  What the heck is going on?

Do I buy this global warming stuff or not?  Has the market bottom, or topped as the case may be?  Are we in a retrenching mode?  I need help; do I invest in tee shirts or sweat shirts?

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