Bring along a rubber ducky just in case

Some of the most unreal aspects of life can be found on TV.  No I am not talking about the so-called reality shows I am talking about commercials. 

I am intrigued by some of the innovative ways there are to sell a product, ways that are completely unrelated to the product in many cases.  I was looking at my backyard the other day trying to envision two antique bathtubs sitting in the distance (and I have a small backyard).  Even more unrealistic was the concept of getting my wife to sit in one of those looking at the sunset.  

They lure us into thinking this is a romantic location for a man with a medical problem, while to me it seems quite challenging.  Who moves to whose tub is a burning question and what are you going to do when you get there, who or what goes where, whose head is at risk being smashed on the cast iron end of the tub?  These are important questions.  I am betting they have those rubber flowers pasted all over the bottom of the tub just to minimize the sliding around.  I guess flowers are kind of romantic.  

And then there are the bugs, let’s see a summer evening at sundown in the summer (let’s hope its summer anyway because the cold would add additional problems not even solvable by the medication).  While a few lightening bugs may prove helpful as the sun disappears I am better the mosquitoes all but offset that advantage. 

Hey pal, I'm not that thrilled either
Hey pal, I'm not that thrilled either

Let’s face if the guy didn’t have ED before facing all these challenges, he sure will after attempting the great tub move, better bring a rubber ducky just for fun.

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