Observations on life

It’s not easy being green…or following directions


Is it so hard to follow simple instructions, I mean really simple instructions like the kind shown below.  I think even a cursory reading reveals that one is asked not to throw plastic bags into the recycling bin.   

Yikes even "no" is underlined

Do they mean NO plastic bags?

Now take a look at the results of this plea.  My word, the plastic bags are not even green.  How can we turn this planet into a livable green place when meatheads can’t read a sign?  Just think what may happen if they have an electric car and a sign says, “Do not plug your car into this outlet or you could blackout Manhattan!”  Or “Do not put your hand near the turning wind generator blades, it will hurt.”  Perhaps, “Do not look directly at the solar panel, it’s as bright as the sun.”

Did the sign say, place all recycling in a bag?
Did the sign say, place all recycling in a bag?


 Let’s face it if we have to tell people the coffee they just bought is hot, what could possibly go right in a more complex society?


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