2015 Social Security COLA – No increase based on current inflationđź‘Ž


Search the Social Security category on this blog for current COLA projection which has been updated for June CPI-W

The annual cost of living adjustment for Social Security is set by law based on the Consumer Price Index-W using the increase in the average CPI-W for July, August and September year over year. 20130518-085528.jpg

As things stand now inflation is running less than the average for July, August and September 2013 which means if this trend continues through those months in 2014, there will be no Social Security cost of living adjustment in 2015. đź‘€

The average CPI-W for the third quarter 2013 was 230.326. The average CPI-W for the months from October 2013 through February 2014 is 229.7906; indicating a decrease in inflation.

Clearly a lot can change between now and the end of September, but there would have to be a significant jump in inflation to generate a meaningful Social Security COLA in 2015.

âś… Note that for the vast majority of Social Security beneficiaries, if there is no COLA, the Medicare Part B premium cannot be increased. The exception is those individuals paying the higher supplemental Medicare premium. Their premium can increase regardless of any COLA.

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  1. I have read, I believe, all the comments on this page. I am struck with a deep sense of sadness. Not over the government, social security or who is to blame for our current situation…but rather over my sense of the pain, the fear and the insecurity of the commentors. To my recollection, life has never been particularly kind to the aged, regardless of their financial position. Age, illness, loss of loved ones and friends all contribute to their anxiety and for some, no amount of social security or cola or even private wealth will assuage that anxiety. At all times in this country, when times get bad, when things get tough…the tough get going. I hear people getting angry,prompted by their fears, with other commentors. Perhaps there is something we can ALL do that can help each other? Is it possible that we could all find a way to be supportive and helpful to one another?

    • Personal responsibility, individualism, the strength of family and the “tough get going” began to disappear in this country in the 1960s and 70s and has been going downhill since. What you see today on many fronts is the result of that decline and the growth of the me and entitlement mentality coupled with and greatly enhanced by this Administration of the ease of blaming others and finding a scapegoat. It will take decades, if ever, to change what we have brought on ourselves.


      Richard D Quinn

      Blog Twitter @quinnscomments


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  3. By the way for all the A-HOLES who put down SS. I hope you work the next 40-50 years of your life and get you know what. Jack Shit. Because that’s what your going to deserve for posting dumb remarks. If you worked all your life the least you can get Is your money you put In to the system. Those working now better not depend on SS to retire, because all your money you put In go try and spend It when you hit 70-75 by the time you retire that will be the age you will get It, If It still Is around for you. And guess what go work 50 years, maybe 60, and when you pass on and kick off guess what. All your money you put Into SS will be gone like you. Welcome to Congress and SS.

    • Most people collect all they put into Social Security within a couple of years of starting their benefit. Not sure what you are talking about.

  4. Probably because they were not on payroll. Why would the government not give retired people what they are entitled?

    • It’s not a matter of giving. The formula is in the law, Congress does not determine the COLA each year.

      • I know you have explained the components of the formula in the past. Interesting that with food , gas, and healthcare rising here there is no increase? My wife’s health plan costs went up 50% this year . The health plan blamed the increase on experience , healthcare inflation, and in part Obamacare. We pay100% of her costs so this a huge hit right up there with property taxes. I suspect the Obamacare enrollees will be hit with some nice renewal increase this year. Time will tell

      • O NO well what happened to the 2 maybe 3 year freeze on cola for ss>? If Congress doesn’t determine. Who put the 2-3 year freeze on? Maybe the freaking Easter bunny did or Old saint Nick. Smarten up..

      • There was no freeze on the Social Security COLA. There was on federal raises, but not on the COLA.

      • Wrong!!! There was a freeze on COLA!!!!!!! 2012 and 2013 if my memory serves me well…..!!!!!!!!!!
        If you were on the receiving end and each dollar counted you would remember STUPID!!!!!!!

      • Before you call someone stupid, learn your facts. It’s true there was no COLA in 2010 and 2011, but nobody put a freeze on the COLA. The lack of increase was simply do to the math. There was deflation, not inflation and overall the cost of living did not increase to cause an increase in COLA; just like the vast majority of Americans (including government workers) did not receive a raise during those years. You also seems to forget the $250 check simply sent to seniors in 2009.

  5. @BJ Dale – You are monopolizing this comment section with rant after rant. Give it a rest. We get it already, but just shut up with your rambling word salad…or take some meds.

    • First of all idiot……… more people should speak out and speak out often……… how the hell do you think we got in this mess….. passive attitudes that is how…. and you are taking up space bad mouthing others…… that is what value?…….:)

  6. How much can you save after you pay for healthcare, mortgage and education for 3 kids? Healthcare and education are human rights and should be free like in every European country and the Middle East.

    • FREE you say? Do you really think they are free? It is all paid for by taxes, in other words, forced “savings.” Europeans also pay for their health care on top of taxes, several hundred dollars a month. A drivers license in Germany costs $3,000 including the cost of mandatory Professional lessons. Most Europeans live a much more modest lifestyle than Americans too.

      Education through high school is “free” as you say. Do you really want your taxes paying for every and any crazy degree somebody makes up. What needs to be fixed is the prices colleges charge and better definition of a degree and it’s value and purpose. Most graduates don’t have jobs even related to their college degrees.

      I put four kids through private college in ten years. I just finished paying off the last loans against my home to do it; 19 years after the youngest graduated. It’s not easy and there is little left for vacations and such, but then again much higher taxes would mean little left as well.

      • Oh well, we know that you are the exception!!!!!!! Now for the rest of us…….. I to think all “basic” education should be free for anyone who so desires it,…. some restriction apply………..
        But oh no… you get food stamps you also qualify for the “free” education, no matter what nut job idea you may have………
        All is not equal in these Unted States…… Follow the give me $$$$ !!!

      • Well, take the next plan to either of those destinations you would like to make your new home.

      • Excuse me……..? This is America remember? If the Germans can afford to pay those prices….yippee…….we cannot …and I do not like being compared to other countries…. my family has fought for this country’s rights since early 1600, I do not intend to give up ground now……Oh and my family did not come by way of the Mayflower….. it came before,.I am a John Clough decendent!!!!! Circa 1608
        Another arguement for another day?.. but NOT!
        We came here origially to get away from English Rule…..over 400 years ago……so don’t cram it down my throat now…..

    • Have less kids..That will save you ALOT!!!!!!!! Your the one that had the kids. Why should I have to pay for your decisions???

  7. While I am sympathetic to those who have had situations take place in their lives which affected their ability to provide for a secure retirement. The fact is that the majority of Americans spend too much money during their working years. They live beyond their means, instead of within their means.

    They save very little for their retirement and then expect the government to step in and take care of them in their later years.
    Many workers today have gone without raises for years and yet those on SS expect a raise every year. Perhaps if they had saved more during their working years, they wouldn’t need to rely on a COLA from the government.

    My wife and I have been retired for over 10 years. I retired when I was 54 and my wife was 47 when she retired. We didn’t work at jobs which paid us hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. We merely made good salaries, but we decided early in our marriage that we would live on 75% of our net income yearly and invest the remaining 25%. We purchased our present home 25 years ago and paid off the mortgage 15 years ago.

    By investing for the past forty years, instead of spending all our money on useless possessions over the years, we presently have over $3,000,000 in liquid assets. We have lived very well on our investments for the past 10 years and neither of us plan to start taking our SS benefits until age 70. We NEVER planned our retirement based on what we would or would not get from SS.

    As I stated earlier. Some individuals have legitimate reasons for having financial issues when they are older and in retirement. Unfortunately the vast majority of those in retirement who find themselves in financial difficulty are those who had the ability to provide for a better retirement during their working years, but they failed to do so. Now many of these same people are complaining that the government won’t provide them with a bigger raise in the SS COLA.

    Sorry but I really don’t have any sympathy for those who failed to provide for their own retirement future when they had the chance.

      • Rate this!!!!!!!!!! Brag, brag, brag!!!!!………. Contrary to “your” belief…… all people are not created equal!!!!!!!!Them that has, had better thank heavens that they do……. you know it could have been YOU just as easily needing COLA to live, and survive……..
        Thank heaven and thank God……. my homestead is paid in full or it might be me under a bridge with my shopping cart…….. I live in the real world, I know I am blessed with what I have….. and my daily prayers are for thanksgiving…. not asking God for more…….
        I have a hard enough time scraping up my property tax each year……
        The 1.6% Cola, helps buy groceries that went up 17% and more over the past year…….. some have dietary special needs and will die a horrible death because they cannot have same, what about them……ONLY IN AMERICA……
        Medicare D?……. What about that…… it is not meeting the needs either…….
        This America Folks…. we lived and help build this country…….
        What happens to the perverbial shoe shine boy…… you know the waiters and waitress the people who do services for you every day at a minimum wage? Where are the $$$$$$ they are supppose to safe????
        Our country gives away (B)illions each year to other Countries that would cut our throats as to look at us…….and lets OUR people starve…..By the way that has gone on long before the give-a-way programs in the states!!!!!!!!
        You do not have an argument!!!!!!! Until you come down to street level you do not know what you are talking about……

    • You have tunnel vision….. no gray area for you….. Not everyone is a dead beat… what about those who did invest just to have their investment rubbed out in bankruptcy court?…… it was legal….. but nothing left for us to do and this all happened when my husband was 85 years old……. I should have been taken care of……. we put hard earned $$$$$$ in those investments……. we also paid into soc sec me for over fifty years my husband for over 60 years….. that is a lot of money……. it was a major blow to us….. between my husband and myself, we paid in to soc sec for over 110 years combined…. it was suppose to be invested…… that should have been enough to take care of us in our older years……..
      We were small business which paid in more than the average worker!……..You are an idiot……. wake up and smell the roses……… I am happy for you and your wife…. but mister there are millions of people and millions of stories, not all people lived beyond their means……. Many did invest just to be raped by the system……..
      Are you prepared for “if” the lights went out tomorrow?……. Are you prepared for an economic crash?……….If the dollar devalued as in Germany 1930’s?
      Are you prepared for the what if’s…….
      No one can be prepared for every what if in life…… but we are being raped by our government…… they have mis-spent our money….get over yourself…….. and yes a $20 raise means that much……!!!!!!!!!

      • But you see, your Social Security taxes were invested and pay interest which is now being used to pay your benefits. The way Social Security was invested is the same as if you purchased US Savings Bond or Treasury bill.

    • You are so stupid!!!!!!!! We were made promises and the government cannot keep their word….. had the monies paid in been invested properly the dollars would be there….Oh and not dipped into for other reasons…..the $$$ would be there….
      So they cannot pay….boost the retirement age another five years..that does not work…let us all starve…COLA does not compensate for the rise in prices at the grocery, pharmacy or gas station…..
      Numbers are crunched and crammed down our throats…Too quote someone recently…… it is all BS.
      Go to the original writings concerning promises and reasoning of Social Security…or do the math….what you paid which should have drawn interest versus what is actually paid out……. also make allowances for all like my father and mother who paid in for 50 years then died collecting nothing…….Do not come at me with what the government owes me and what they do not!!!!!!!!!
      My husband paid in seventy (70) years…. he even paid in twenty-two years after retirement age!!!! Folks the math that is being shoved down our throats is Bull-shit!!!!!!
      Take one $1 and add interest to it for fifty years……. omgggg………. some of what we read here is absolute bull crap!!!!!!
      SOCIAL SECURITY was “FORCED” savings for retirment!!!!!!!! Helllllllloooooo!

  8. The way the “government” calculates inflation is a scam. Food is a necessity but is not included. What kind of fools are running this country? Stop welfare and support the elderly who worked all their lives. Comrade Obama is a failure.

    • Of course the CPI includes food.

      What goods and services does the CPI cover?

      The CPI represents all goods and services purchased for consumption by the reference population (U or W) BLS has classified all expenditure items into more than 200 categories, arranged into eight major groups. Major groups and examples of categories in each are as follows:

      FOOD AND BEVERAGES (breakfast cereal, milk, coffee, chicken, wine, full service meals, snacks)
      HOUSING (rent of primary residence, owners’ equivalent rent, fuel oil, bedroom furniture)
      APPAREL (men’s shirts and sweaters, women’s dresses, jewelry)
      TRANSPORTATION (new vehicles, airline fares, gasoline, motor vehicle insurance)
      MEDICAL CARE (prescription drugs and medical supplies, physicians’ services, eyeglasses and eye care, hospital services)
      RECREATION (televisions, toys, pets and pet products, sports equipment, admissions);
      EDUCATION AND COMMUNICATION (college tuition, postage, telephone services, computer software and accessories);
      OTHER GOODS AND SERVICES (tobacco and smoking products, haircuts and other personal services, funeral expenses).
      Also included within these major groups are various government-charged user fees, such as water and sewerage charges, auto registration fees, and vehicle tolls. In addition, the CPI includes taxes (such as sales and excise taxes) that are directly associated with the prices of specific goods and services. However, the CPI excludes taxes (such as income and Social Security taxes) not directly associated with the purchase of consumer goods and services.

      • Bull Crap!!!!….. If CPI includes everything then they should shop where I shop…. because I feel the inflation every moment of the day!!!!!! Every month I cry in the isle of the store because the prices have gone up on every thing I need…. Who is kidding who…… you do not have to have more than a grade school education to see that the all mighty dollar does not stretch……. and I DO NOT BUY JUNK FOOD!!!!!!!!!!! Junk food is actually cheaper!!!!! And I along with others, I have had only one COLA in three years…..
        How many dollars have gone over seas while our own people are starving!? How many elderly cannot have the luxury of food stamps while 20 year olds are getting them?…………It pays to be bipolar!!!! Apparently bipolar cannot sweep or do dishes……Only in America….. we live in a backwards world!!!!!!!
        It is screw the elderly time,……… the people who helped form this country….and are now watching it being destroyed before our very eyes!!!!!!!!!
        You have a fat cushy job……… so did I. ….. Now it is gone and I am one of the forgotten ones……. Your day will come….. we will watch you cry!!!!!!! Nothing is forever……

      • Actually, I don’t have a job at all. I’ve been retired for four years. But I am lucky. I do have a pension from a company where I worked for nearly fifty years starting at the very bottom.

        I am not average I admit, but how does one work a lifetime and end up in the state you seem to be in? I honestly want to understand.



      • I will tell you how I ended up in the state that I am in……….
        I was married to an attorney for over thirty years…… I ran his office and handled his clients…….. Alone!
        We gave, gave, gave!!!!!!
        We invested in insurance investment policies heavily….one was Prudential…… the other was in California…… Both went Bankrupt.. in 2005…..we lost years of investments… Insurance companies were suppose to SAFE…….HA
        Granted our mistake……..I would have several million had they survived……
        Consequently when my husband went into the hospital we had about $50,000 saved in cash…….. his illness was 6 months…..I spent every cent on his last illness and demise……..
        I stayed by his bedside every minute of the day and night……… and this is what I get for my efforts?……
        He worked twenty two (22) years past the age of 65 and continued to pay into the soc sec program that entire time……..So from 1938 to 2007 he paid in……add that up!
        We did not TAKE……. we gave to society…….
        No one is here for me…….Not one person comes by for even a cup of coffee…… They were here to take as soon as they heard of his demise……
        We live in a ruthless society……
        But this is off course……. I need the cola to keep up with the rising costs that you and our government says are not here……In your dreams……!
        Our government re-evaluated me last year……. I went from $6.50 co pay for my insulin to a $368 co-pay……. what good is medicare D?………What good is anything….I live it…… you cannot tell me otherwise…….! I have to do without much needed medications………
        Oh I applied for assistance from the pharmacutical companies…… they turned me down because I qualify for Medicare D……..what a joke!!!!!!!
        Bakruptcy?…Ooooooooops to bad…..The End…….

      • All of this chatter,.. bantering back and forth is not so much about money or $$$$$’s……since the beginning of time there has been those who have had and those who have had not….
        God gave the Bill Gates and the Warren Buffets of this generation special talents just as he gave special talents to the Josephs and Daniels of Biblical times.
        There was also the liars and cheaters of Biblical times,,,, nothing is new….
        I have lost more in my life time than most have had…… We invested wrong….. this is our fault…. maybe ignorance and greed made us invest as we did…..
        But I am intelligent enough to know right from wrong and our government is wrong!!!!! No matter how you flower it…
        I do not want much, right now I would be happy with a Joseph’s store house in the way of enough $$$$$’s to purchase 30 year food supplie for two…Starving to death does not appeal to me……
        No one takes into account the stress involved in the struggle of keeping food in the pantry…Do NOT MAKE LIGHT of a very serious subject…. it is bigger than you think or seem to make it appear..
        I believe that some major events are about to happen in our country…. I want to be prepared….. The End….

    • In your dreams……… would you like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?………Everyone knows that Soc Sec has been misused for decades……….

      • Actually “misued” is an uderstatement……….
        The dependants of workers have actually been put thru higher education with workers’ funds……. I know several who got funds of support in their minority……… and then their education for years to come from the Soc Sec funds………
        This is only one example……. my children had to get loans and second and third jobs at times to pay for their education…….
        One young man lost his father at age 14….. he will be on soc sec from his father for the rest of his life in th name of slow learner…….. another because of “speach impediment……. yet another because he is bi-polar……
        This was not the original intent of soc sec!!!!!!! Yep Social Security is going broke!!!!! Go figure……..

      • What you are describing is not misuse nor abuse. The problem is that Congress adds all these types of improvements in the law, but does not consider the cost or raise the revenue sufficiently to cover the long term cost. Now we are at the point where some benefits must be trimmed or taxes raised significantly on younger working Americans.


        Blog Twitter @quinnscomments


      • FOR ONCE…..WE AGREE!!!!! Now for congress to fix the problem……. this is exactly why I keep harping that the $$$$$$ were there …..just abused…… and the older Americans are also being abused by the mis-spending…… I have a generous and giving heart…….. but enough is enough and then to flower it over…….what a shame…….
        Tell it like it really is…….. it is bad enough to go to bed hungry….. but to have it covered over with lies…….. pitiful!!!!!!!! Sad……
        We live in a cruel, cold world……… believe it or not……… A gimme world……

      • Actually…… you attaack everyone for not saving…. being frivolous… buying things they do not need…… During the 1990′ and 2000’s I built an office $160,000 which I have now converted to my home……2,500 square feet……. if I had not built this office/home I would be living under a bridge and out of a shopping cart that I would have had to steal from a local grocery!!!!!!!!!
        This building is generic in nature, nothing special just an area to hold my belongings…….it is paid in full……. we paid as we went……. I drive a 1983 GMC pickup…… I make my dollars count….. I do waste at times…. I am human….
        I need things but refuse to go into debt……
        Oh and I buy three (3) tanks of gas each year…… it takes gas to go to the pharmacy and grocery store……ugh !!!
        Until you judge others, I suggest you come on down to the real world……
        I do agree that there is too much spending and not enough preparing in this country… We have had it good for so long that it is my belief that to many have been hiding their heads in the sand and refuse to prepare…..refuse to see that problems looms ahead…… “IT CANNOT HAPPEN TO US”……syndrome….. We live in a irresponible society today…….. But I truly believe that the people screaming about COLA are not the people that you are talking about…….
        This is an arguement that I feel has no solutions until something dire happens….. Then people will scurry around when it is too late……….
        Meanwhile I sticking to my guns over COLA……. Our generation (blue collar) did not have $$$$$ for saving we were buying our homes…….raising our children and putting them thru college…….Many of us had our retirement funds ripped away from us…….. beyond our control!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who was there to protect us?
        Oh when we were building this building, were were paying premium prices for second and third grade lumber and supplies……Why? because our lumber and supplies was going to Iraq to rebuild… look at the news……..We are stupid Americans……Punish our citizens for a foriegn country who does not appreciate it…….
        I never thought I would be screaming over $20 COLA………. only in America….. :(

      • true regarding the abuse of soc sec. The last honest republican was Eisenhower. Would you rather have idiot Bush or crooked Cheney..?? NOT ME!!

      • And the democratic track record is good? We are in a mess and calling each other names is not going to fix it… And starving the elderly and killing them off is going to help how?…..
        I am sick of the lazy pukes that are a drain on society……. we have created a generation of persons who know how to play the system and it is not politically correct to say so out loud…..
        It is not one president, nor one democrat nor one republican……. In general our political leaders have found ways to spend our money without wisdom and it has to stop or it will stop us…….

      • .

        President Eisenhower… thinking he was still a general in Europe…
        sent armed federal troops… 101st Airborne… to force integration
        of an American high school. It was the closest the USA had been
        to civil war since the Civil War.


    • You are right on Howard…… We worked hard so the young ones would have an easier life…(education). I know so many twenty year olds who claim to be manic (and are drawing more than I am who worked 50 plus years) and will draw the rest of their lives!!!!! CRUNCH those numbers!!!!!!!! Do I hear an Amen?…..

  9. .

    CPI-W increased in April

    ” Relevant to the cost-of-living-adjustment to civil service annuities for 2015, the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) increased by 0.38 percent in April.”

    ” Looking ahead to the 2015 COLA for FECA benefits, the April 2014 CPI-W figure (233.443) is 1.86 percent higher than the December 2013 CPI-W figure (229.174).

    The Consumer Price Index for May 2014 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, at 8:30 a.m. (EDT). ”

    Here is link to Social Security’s CPI-W webpage


    • You are correct. The CPI-W for April is up and higher than March as well. What matters of course is the comparison between July, August and September 2014 and 2015. However, as of now the trend is slightly higher.

      • Where do they come up with these figures……… the real figures are at the local stores…..!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I want you to understand to………. life is not as cushy as you seem to think….. and soc sec is a rip….. so is CPI……. and cola? Many depend on that and paid for it…….many like you started at the bottom also…. don’t give us hell until you know and understand!!!!!!
      Do you know My home is almost paid for, if it were not for a contractor and USD-RD it would be paid. I have to worry about that payment and taxes of under $300 per year to keep myself from living under a bridge………..
      Where are the thousands of people we helped all those years?………I rest my case…….

    • You keep defending the younger workers being penalized where soc sec is involved…….. we gave up a lot when we helped pay for their education so that they could get higher paying jobs………tax them like we were taxed…… they can afford it!!!!!!!!!! Oh my that is a novel idea!!!!!!
      I agree all is not fair………… but someone has to pay the piper and why not the “me” generation……. they are the ones buying the fancy homes and autos….. they are the one making the high dollars……..hmmmm paying $300 for a purse or $130 for a pair of jeans……. let them pay their fair share……….. The End

    • .

      President Eisenhower… thinking he was still a general in Europe…
      sent armed federal troops… 101st Airborne… to force integration
      of an American high school. It was the closest the USA had been
      to civil war since the Civil War.



    • CPI is crap….. untrue and incorrect…… another way of screwing people!!!!!!!!!
      If we were “not” inflated at this moment, I could buy groceries…… STOP feeding the crappola to people!!!!!!!!Come on down from your high paying jobs and see how the poor people are making it!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Inflation??? I am on a fixed income and every “gd” time I go to the grocery or the pharmacy I can damn well tell you about inflation!!!!!!! Try the gas pumps…. omgggg and there is little or no inflation???!!!!
    This month I have $46 to spend on groceries…. I have learned to become creative in order to eat……I am doing without much needed medication as my insulin went from $6.50 to $358 overnight…..What in the hell is Medicare D good for?
    The utilities are out of sight…..
    Don’t want to hear about inflation or the lack thereof from any damn fool!!!!!!!!!
    Only in America!!!!!!! Starve the poor and the elderly… make it known they want us dead!!!!!!!!!!
    POST THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This the most corrupt goverment in the world,the goverment can always lie about the math, gas food clothes, we need a revolution in this country take it back. Do not I repete do not vote for any of the,a sons of beaches you know what I mean back in office hell monkey could do better we paid in the social sercuity for years it’s our money paid taxes on now an then what they are doing against the ale oh excuse me they need the money dance lessons remember that f—-joke

      • Amen !!!!!! Finally someone who is willing to say it l;ike it is…….. We worked for 40 and 50 years, now when it is time to collect they have redone the figures and we get pennies to live on and they call that “welfare”….. or the same as…… screw them all…….. we are suppose to be proud of our country?…… BS… proud while we cannot pay the bills……I personally am doing with insulin because they reavaluated me and I went from $6.50 to $368. in co pays…….who in the hell can afford that…….I am a widow on a very fixed income…… I have always been true to the red, white and blue……. I worked hard since 16 years of age…….I gave not took!!! I am 71 and very sick n ow………Not one person cares if I live or die now!.;…The end!

      • BJ Dale would last about 15 minutes in a revolution. That is, unless the weapons used were whiny mouths and weak minds.

      • Bring it on, I will show you who is a whimp……… I’ve been itching for a fight…….. all you have are words and numbers that only add in your favor!!!!!!!!!! At least I speak out…….

      • Yep…… they get their pay raises and special medical attention what the hell do they care about us??????
        This is the real world……I do not have anything to leave my house for each and every month…..I WORKED DAMN HARD ALL MY LIFE SERVING OTHERS AND NOW i WILL DIE ALONE AND BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!
        That must be the NEW meaning of inflation!!!!!!!!! Like NEW math????
        We worked hard for Social Security ……. we were made promises…..Liars….!!!!

      • Congressman’s “money” is our money mis spent!!!!!! They vote themselves raises when we are starving and do not get anything……… what right do we have to complain?…… get your calculator out do the math!!!!!!
        They have made it known, loud and clear they want us old folks to hurry and die off to correct the math………. what a country……..This is not the America I was raised in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Workers are entitled to the $$ they worked for years for. Elected office deadbeats are loyal to their own agendas “lobbyists” only. It does not matter what party, they are all crooks. They receive income from our taxes yes, but the big payoff is from the $ they receive from special interest payoffs. I’m a fifty year old disabled veteran, who started working at 10 years of age. I am educated and would love to return to work making 6 figures again, but can not. It’s all about eat or don’t at this point Someday all will be in this situation unless your self-employed, but don’t be too confident it can happen to anyone, including business owners and professionals.

      • Nobody earned or paid for their full SS benefit let alone a COLA. Future generations pay for current benefits. Why don’t we not continue to elect those deadbeats or impose term limits?

      • Ha!!!!!! Look around and see how many did work for their soc sec and see how many died before collecting one red cent of it……… Yes I worked damn hard for my soc sec for about 60 years…….. I am on poor street now…… I cannot afford my medicine…. tell me about justice fool!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Only in America can you go to bed with your tummy growling…… I worked so hard for so many years for this?……
        Two sides to every argument and until you walk in my shoes………shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You are wrong…. If in fact the monies paid by us, into soc sec was invested properly and then spent accordingly …… our retirement including COLA would be secure……
        NO they dipped into soc sec and now they blame us for living too damn long!!!!!!!!!!
        A large percentage of us do not live to collect soc sec……. the multitude do not live past five years, collecting a very small percentage of what we paid in…..Now they want to raise the retirement age to 70……many will never be able to see one cent of what they paid in…………….That is what they want…….. for us to die before we can collect..
        That reminds me, my husband lived until the age of 87, and worked until the day he went into the hospital, all this time he continued to pay in!!!!!!!.
        The soc sec is dipped into for education of the off-springs, let them get a job and pay their way thru school like the rest of us……. the free ride needs to stop!!!!!!!!
        The reason for social security was a forced retirement for the “WORKERS” of America…… Not every Tom, Dick and Harry that knocks on the door…… …….. you can be a drug addict before the age of 22 and collect on your parents soc sec the rest of your life…….. tell the truth, the whole truth……
        Our intended monies have been squandered away…..WE THE PEOPLE HAVE NO SAY ABOUT THIS…….IT IS JUST TAKEN AWAY FROM US, like it or lump it…..Nothing that we can do about it!
        What about the service givers?……The waiters and waitress, making minimun wage……Baby sitters…. etc… living in America on as low as $500 per month of Soc Sec…… they do not desreve COLA?
        They took the dirty jobs for years and now are having to beg for food stamps etc to survive? Is this fair?
        They pay the same taxes AND PRICES across the counter for medicine, food,clothing, gasoline as the person who makes $50,000. per year….. all in the name of survival……
        DO NOT tell me that we did not pay enough in, to get it back, when we grow too old to work……..
        It is hard work and major stress, trying to make the little pitance we get to stretch month to month……
        Hell, quit giving so much away to other countries and start taking care of our homeland!!!!!!!!! Get kids to get a job…. they are too lazy, they have been taught to get free money…… Yes if the lights went out today….. the younger generations would not have a clue how to survive…….
        Oh and by the way, what you paid in for 50 years?……. it is calculated on your last so many quarters, not your total earning……. ONLY IN AMERICA.. (new math?) we have been told so many lies that we now believe them!!!!!!!!
        Idiots!!!!!!!!!!! The End…………

      • The taxes collected for Social Security are invested in special government bonds that pay the Trust interest, just like if you bought a US Savings bond. That interest is now being used to pay benefits. Where would you have the Social Security tax money invested that is as secure as the Federal Government, the stock market?

        Also, just so you know. The average life expectancy for a person at age 65 is almost 17 years; more than enough time to collect all that was paid in taxes and much more.


        Blog Twitter @quinnscomments


    • In Oklahoma it is popular now for young men out of high school to apply for SSI claiming Bi polar…… They are getting more per month than some people who have worked for 50 years……..and they will draw their big checks for many years to come…That is why our SS is depleting if it is……… I didn’t take these people to raise……. to quote the” Bible if you do not work…… do not eat!!!!!” GET A JOB…….
      The older Americans are getting screwed…Royally!!!!
      Oh these young people get SSI $700 then on top of that they get medical and prescriptions they alget a IBT card with money that they can purchase cigaretts or whatever….. they get food stamps…………… they do not have to work one day for anything!!!!!!!!!! While I do without Insulin……… go figure!!!!!!!!!!
      I know this to be fact…….I know the people who are getting it…….!!!!!!!!!

      • What about insurance companies that filed for bankruptcy…… leaving us penniless.. our savings gone……our retirement gone……. .What about all of that stupid…….. It is a good thingy that I could have soc sec or I would be living under a bridge!!!!!!!!
        There are two sides to every situation………
        Soc sec was and still is being managed wrong…….. Is that my fault?…….I vote every year yet the same %$%#&% are running the show……….
        And entitlements?……. Omggggg GET A JOB!!!!!!!!! Even an idiot can wash dishes or push a broom………
        Not everyone is or are deadbeats………. I worked for twenty (20) hours per day for forty or more years….. omgggg give me job now……. and I think if polled you would find most elderly would work if given the chance!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Angry? You better believe I am angry!!!!!!!!!!! This is more BS talked about until it becomes fact!!!!!!!!! Being crammed down our throats!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatever!!!!!!!!

      • You live in a drwam world……..
        Neither of may parents lived to collected their portion….. what happens to that money? Try using real numbers….!!!!!!!

      • Listen to me….. I know of a husband that died and social security paid not only the children but the mother until they were 16 for the mother and 18 or out of school for the children……..
        Further education paid for, for many years……..
        That was not the intention of social security…….. my children had to pay their own way thru school…….. I feel that is a one size fits all…..
        Look at the original law…. it was to Force Workers to save for the future and their retirment!!!!!!!!!! Period!!!!!!!!!!
        I know of twenty year olds…. claim to be bi-polar….. go to the soc sec office and for the rest of their lives will receive as much or more than $1,200 per month of $$$$$ and other free stuff…… Is that what soc sec is for? GET A JOB!!!!!
        Do not try to tell us that soc sec has not been misused…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        The above scenarios are numbered in the hundreds of thousand happening everyday!!!!!!
        We are teaching our young people to be lazy!!!!!!!!
        Yes it makes me damn mad……. why in the hell did I work so hard to get a head?????????

  11. what goes into the calculation of cpi (excludes food and fuel) and than determination of “experienced” inflation is unworldly. Just ask any senior citizen on a fixed income who has to drive to his local supermarket and purchase just about anything.

    On the other hand while cola(s) are stagnant for ss recipients, food stampers(nearly 50 million ) have seen an increase of nearly 30 percent since obama took office.Granted many of these get ss checks (money paid into the system) as well. Still sounds like money/income being re-distributed to me.

    • I fought for this country vietnam, now if these boys can’t make it through boot camp they get benifits from the VA. Illegal immigrants get medical phone food stamps, Obama is a lie from get go,not only him all of them,I have been on a waiting list 2 years get back in the VA,give some more money billions may I add to countries that hate us ,USA ranks 17th in education I’m socked that we are that high maybe we don’t have enough sense to take this country back

      • .

        More and more Americans are waking up to the fact that
        while young men were sent to fight and die in foreign wars…
        the fifth-column enemy within silently conquered the nation.


      • If our payments into soc sec had of been invested prperly and not spent on foolishness…….. there would have been enough money to go around…….. this is BS!!!!!!!!!
        Look at the graveyard at how many died not collecting a dime!!!!!!!!! This is BS….
        PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!
        Oh and ever time I go to the grocery…….every item has gone up in price
        Last month I lived on $46………. don’t even tell me there is no inflation!!!! OR is it graph?
        I GET NO ENTITLEMENTS!!!!!!!!!! From any place…. I make $7 too much…….what a joke!!!!!!!
        It is sad to think we worked and helped build our country to find out they want us dead……….
        Obama is a ommunist and wants that for us……did it work in Russia……did it work in Germany?……. If he was my son he would be behind the woodshed right now!!!!!!!!
        THE END !!!!!!!!

      • Me too !!!!!!!!! And most people of retirement age worked damn hard for 50 or more years…… and it is entitlement?
        Many people who need a helping hand is not getting it…….. you would be surprised……… Only in America……..

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